Baby Fingers™: I Want . . .: Teaching Your Baby to Sign

Baby Fingers™: I Want . . .: Teaching Your Baby to Sign

ISBN: 140273168X

ISBN 13: 9781402731686

Publication Date: April 28, 2006

Publisher: Sterling

Pages: 24

Format: Board Book

Author: Lora Heller

3.88 of 17

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Parents try to understand their children's needs and desires-but sometimes, they just can't figure them out. And that can lead to frustration for both the adult and the baby. Giving very young children the tools to express themselves can alleviate this unhappy situation-and make youngsters feel proud of themselves. Teach them the signs in this appealing collection and, before long, they'll be asking for help, requesting some juice and cereal, saying they want a nap, and (best of all) letting you know they'd love a nice, big hug. The long-term benefits are profound....the immediate benefits are priceless!

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