To Tell Afresh

To Tell Afresh

ISBN: 0281062315

ISBN 13: 9780281062317

Publication Date: July 17, 2010

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

Pages: 108

Format: Paperback

Author: Michael Perham

3.50 of 2

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The faith of the Church, although unchanging, must be told afresh for each new generation. In this volume, Michael Perham, Bishop of Gloucester, does exactly that by exploring key Christian beliefs; in an amazing God, in a community of prayer, in transforming worship, in a mission-shped Church, in the ministry of the baptized, in Christian values, in a new society, in heaven on earth. His approach is readable and accessible yet with the depth of his pastoral experience and theological insight. This is a book that, whilst encouraging and affirming, offers no easy solutions but takes us on a shared faith journey that is firmly rooted in the real world.

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