The Bachelor's Cat

The Bachelor's Cat

ISBN: 0060191058

ISBN 13: 9780060191054

Publication Date: November 21, 1997

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Pages: 121

Format: Hardcover

Author: Lynn Hoffman

3.48 of 227

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A feel-good love story for the holidays, The Bachelor's Cat is an instant classic for the ages about how a lost feline helps a sensitive but misdirected man find love with the right woman.He discovered her outside his door, no bigger than his palm, ears pressed flat and shivering against the cold. He took her in and fed her, soothed her fears and earned her trust. In turn, she taught him to see with his heart and introduced him to love.

With The Bachelor's Cat, L. F. Hoffman has written a story that will touch the soul of every reader. This classic boy-meets-girl tale, with its sophisticated and lovable catalyst, has all the earmarks of a bestseller. Heartwarming, rich in humor and insight, and packaged with a beautiful gift jacket for the holiday season, The Bachelor's Cat makes an extraordinary read and a treasured gift.

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