Voracious (Clare Point, #5)

Voracious (Clare Point, #5)

ISBN: 0758255705

ISBN 13: 9780758255709

Publication Date: July 31, 2012

Publisher: Kensington

Pages: 291

Format: Paperback

Author: V.K. Forrest

4.03 of 51

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In the coastal hideaway of Clare Point, Delaware—home for centuries to the Kahill vampire clan—a vampire sworn to protect the love that may cost him everything, will make the ultimate choice…


After months spent eliminating some of the world’s most ruthless criminals, Aedan Brigid is on sabbatical in Clare Point. Instead of relief, he feels on edge. Part of it is due to Dallas York, the gorgeous blonde bar owner whose touch just sparked an intense, inexplicable connection. But there’s another reason too. A local woman has been brutally attacked, her face and body carved beyond recognition. And one glance tells Aedan whose grisly handiwork it is.

Centuries ago, Aedan lost his beloved to a depraved monster nicknamed Jay. Now Jay is back, more vicious than ever. Aedan is already breaking clan rules by getting involved with Dallas—even if her mysterious gift sets her apart from other humans. And soon, he’ll have to decide whether he’ll turn away from the only life he’s known to protect a love he thought he’d never feel again…

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