System Czech (Hacked Off)

System Czech (Hacked Off)

ISBN 13: 9781481812092

Publication Date: December 21, 2012

Publisher: Trilby Publishing House

Pages: 284

Format: Paperback

Author: N.P. Statham

4.33 of 6

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This is a must read for all the girls that know that WIG really means Women in Games.

With Christmas creeping around the corner, all that Tove wanted to do was to hide from family drama and the real world into the safety of cyberspace with her pug girl, Q. Stockpiled with enough coffee to wake the dead, Tove was ready to take a well-deserved break from hacking and sharpen her blade in the Mists of Pandaria, to the sound of Big Bang Theory and re-runs of X-Files. She might even try her luck at DayZ – hopefully without having all her stuff pinched.

Well, if only.

Press-ganged into action by Interpol, Tove finds herself stuck in Prague, with a target painted on her back, and forced to play spy-games with her BFFs computer whiz Arnie and the gadget guy of the group, Ota – who also happens to be determined to set her up. Running against the clock, going undercover, chasing terrorists, and fending off a group of black-hats, what could go wrong?

Thriller, Technothriller, Geek Lit

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