Ghosts of the Black Rose (Land of Enchantment Trilogy, #2)

Ghosts of the Black Rose (Land of Enchantment Trilogy, #2)

Publication Date: August 03, 2013

Publisher: Magic Prose Publishing

Pages: 233

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: Belinda Vasquez Garcia

4.21 of 15

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Ghosts of the Black Rose is a 2014 BEST FANTASY International Book Award Finalist and a 2013 BEST FANTASY New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards Finalist! Rise of the Black Rose, book 3, is now available.

The people of Madrid believe they have done away with the local witch family, but they have not taken into account a witch's spirit. Strange things are going on in Madrid--the opera house theater is said to be haunted. Then there is the mysterious stranger, U. S. Marshal Quill, asking questions about what happened to Samuel Stuwart. His obsession with Samuel's widow, the witch Salia, is unhealthy.

Marcelina misses her friend, Salia, and wonders if there is a way to "bring her back". Marcelina can't outrun her destiny. She fears what the local, fanatical religious group will do to her, if they find out about her budding magic. She is simply trying to survive the Great Depression by practicing white magic.

As is the Native American shaman, Storm-Chaser, who faces a new threat at the pueblo--Salia's half-brother, Jefe, and his band of rebels who lust for more power. If only Jefe can find Salia's shape-shifting stone, the same magical rock Marcelina is looking for, which can make her beautiful, thin and immortal.

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