The Children's Hour of Holidays

The Children's Hour of Holidays

ISBN: 0615872166

ISBN 13: 9780615872162

Publication Date: September 27, 2013

Publisher: Patricia\Smith

Pages: 36

Format: Paperback

Author: Patty Smith

4.40 of 10

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My name is Patty Smith, the author of "The Children's Hour" and "The Big Hungry Hairy Green Monster." I am very excited to introduce my new unique children's book" The Children's Hour of Holidays." This spectacular children's book, features three exciting stories, filled with thirty-two colorful Illustrations of all your favorite holidays. From witches flying on broomsticks to goblins in the night, it brings the magic of Christmas home, leaving you with sugarplums dancing in your head. So Rudolph with your nose so bright, it's time to guide the sleigh tonight.
Share in all the holiday magic and excitement with your children from Christmas to Thanksgiving, with many more holidays of fun. Enjoy with your children a birthday party or the colorful 4th of July. Hunt for the colored Easter eggs or capture a fun glimpse of the Beautiful Pink Fury Monster, with her three little tots on Mother's Day. All of these exciting colorful images of all your favorite holidays, will not only capture the attention of your children, but will leave them begging for more. "The Children's Hour of Holidays," helps aid children with special needs, with easy reading. I recommend this book for young readers, kindergarten level and up. Now don't forget to take a peek at "The Children's Hour" and "The Big Hungry Hairy Green Monster," also available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

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