Poker, Gaming, and Life

Poker, Gaming, and Life

ISBN: 1880685175

ISBN 13: 9781880685174

Publication Date: May 28, 1997

Publisher: Two Plus Two Pub.

Pages: 207

Format: Paperback

Authors: David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth

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This volume is a collection of articles written by David Sklansky that have appeared in various publications including "Card Player and "Poker World magazines. A few have never before appeared in print. Most of the articles are about poker or gambling. However, David has branched out into other areas that lend themselves to his unique style of analysis. "Poker and Gaming" topics include Being a Favorite, Are Great Players Born?, Talent Versus Discipline, Will Power, The Importance of Position, Never Go Broke, When Time is Not of the Essence, and Is Your Wallet Fat Enough? "Life" topics include What It Is that Makes an Issue Controversial, Coincidences, Some Thoughts on Dying, Legitimate Grievances, and Crime and Punishment.

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