Forbidden (Wild Sky, #1)

Forbidden (Wild Sky, #1)

ISBN: 1460266536

ISBN 13: 9781460266533

Publication Date: April 29, 2015

Publisher: FriesenPress

Pages: 120

Format: Paperback

Author: Tanna Marie Angers

4.48 of 10

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“What would you do if the person you were destined to love stood right in front of you, and they were the only one you were forbidden to touch?”

When a mysterious boy shows up at Aira’s school, she has no idea she’s about to fall in love with an angelic being who was destined to find her, and that they would have to take on the Darkness not only to save their immortal love but the entire well-being of human existence.

Tanna Marie Angers takes on a popular and marketable theme of young, forbidden love between different beings and creates a teen romance story that will have readers on the edge of their seats waiting for the next installment. The characters are vibrant, the storyline is solid, and there is room to create a powerful following for Aira and her plight of love lost and found through several books. The author is to be commended on this introductory book.

- Dawn Danka, Editor, FriesenPress

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