Sex Object: A Memoir

Sex Object: A Memoir

ISBN: 0062435086

ISBN 13: 9780062435088

Publication Date: June 07, 2016

Publisher: Dey Street Books

Pages: 205

Format: Hardcover

Author: Jessica Valenti

3.66 of 6,511

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Author and Guardian US columnist Jessica Valenti has been leading the national conversation on gender and politics for over a decade. Now, in a darkly funny and bracing memoir, Valenti explores the toll that sexism takes from the every day to the existential.

Sex Object explores the painful, funny, embarrassing, and sometimes illegal moments that shaped Valenti’s adolescence and young adulthood in New York City, revealing a much shakier inner life than the confident persona she has cultivated as one of the most recognizable feminists of her generation.

In the tradition of writers like Joan Didion and Mary Karr, this literary memoir is sure to shock those already familiar with Valenti’s work and enthrall those who are just finding it.

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