Love Alters Not (The Golden Chronicles, #4)

Love Alters Not (The Golden Chronicles, #4)

ISBN: 0449216659

ISBN 13: 9780449216651

Publication Date: April 30, 1989

Publisher: Fawcett

Pages: 352

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Author: Patricia Veryan

4.29 of 192

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She never dreamed being a traitor would endanger her life and her heart. Impetuous Dimity Cranford bravely sets out to rescue her wounded friend by delivering a crucial cypher to his fellow Jacobite sympathizers. But her midnight coach is overturned and she is forced into a bold deception to avoid questioning. Masquerading as Mrs. Catherine Deene, the guardian of a young boy orphaned by the accident, she plots to complete her mission. When she arrives at the lavish estate of her new charge, however, she comes face to face with the infamous Lord Anthony Farrar, the knave who deserted her very own brother's troops in the midst of battle! Unfortunately the cowardly yellow dog is extremely good to look at. Soon Dimity finds herself torn in a most daring test of courage - and of love.

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