Lessons in Service from Charlie Trotter

Lessons in Service from Charlie Trotter

ISBN: 1580083153

ISBN 13: 9781580083157

Publication Date: November 28, 2001

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

Pages: 233

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Ed Lawler, Charlie Trotter

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In the second book in the Lessons from Charlie Trotter series, the lauded chef shares his strategies for success in this guide on how to give the ultimate dining experience.

As winner of the James Beard Foundation's Outstanding Restaurant Award, Charlie Trotter and his service staff run what many consider to be America's finest restaurant. But it's not just about food in this renowned Chicago hot spot. It's about a subtle relationship between food, wine, ambiance, and service--a relationship Trotter has perfected by hiring passionate staff with the ability to surpass his incredibly high standards. In LESSONS IN SERVICE, journalist Edmund Lawler reveals the secrets behind Trotter's unequaled success and shows other businesses how to improve their levels of service. From unconventional motivational techniques, staff empowerment, and mentoring to role playing, preservice meetings, and an obsessive pursuit of excellence--Trotter leaves nothing to chance. The service is a nightly ballet that leaves guests feeling pampered, educated, and of course, wonderfully satisfied. Follow the advice of Charlie Trotter, and no matter what your business, your customers will keep coming back again and again.

- Charlie Trotter's was nominated for the James Beard Foundation's 2001 Outstanding Service Award, and the restaurant received the Beard Foundation's Best Restaurant in America Award in 2000.

- Charlie Trotter's books have sold over 300,000 copies.

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