The Complete Stories

The Complete Stories

ISBN: 0374525757

ISBN 13: 9780374525750

Publication Date: October 12, 1998

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Pages: 656

Format: Paperback

Authors: Bernard Malamud, Robert Giroux

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BERNARD MALAMUD (1914-86) is considered a modern master of the short story, ranked with Chekhov and Isaac Babel. The Complete Stories of Bernard Malamud brings together all of Malamud's published stories--from the classic early story "The Magic Barrel," in which he refashioned the American short story in the Yiddish-infected idiom of his boyhood, to later works such as "Rembrandt's Hat" and "Alma Redeemed,' which dramatize the relationship between life and art with matchless intensity and dark comedy. These fifty-three stories are full of the searching eloquence that characterizes this beloved American writer.

Armistice --
Spring rain --
The grocery store --
Benefit performance --
The place is different now --
Steady customer --
The literary life of Laban Goldman --
The cost of living --
The prison --
The first seven years --
The death of me --
The bill --
The loan --
A confession of murder --
Riding pants --
The girl of my dreams --
The magic barrel --
The mourners --
Angel Levine --
A summer's reading --
Take pity --
The elevator --
An apology --
The last Mohican --
The lady of the lake --
Behold the key --
The maid's shoes --
Idiots first --
Still life --
Suppose a wedding --
Life is better than death --
The jewbird --
Black is my favorite color --
Naked nude --
The German refugee --
A choice of profession --
A pimp's revenge --
Man in the drawer --
My son the murderer --
Pictures of the artist --
An exorcism --
Glass blower of Venice --
God's wrath --
Talking horse --
The letter --
The silver crown --
Notes from a lady at a dinner party --
In retirement --
Rembrandt's hat --
A wig --
The model --
A lost grave --
Zora's noise --
In Kew Gardens --
Alms redeemed.

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