Frozen Fire

Frozen Fire

ISBN: 0765320088

ISBN 13: 9780765320087

Publication Date: June 23, 2009

Publisher: Forge Books

Pages: 368

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Bill H. Evans, Marianna Jameson

3.21 of 101

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Bill Evans and Marianna Jameson first teamed up to write Category 7, vividly portraying the devastating impact of a powerful hurricane on New York City.  Now Evans and Jameson return with Frozen Fire, another edge-of-the-seat thriller that mixes atmospheric science with cutting-edge technology. 

Eager to exploit a potentially lucrative energy source, billionaire Dennis Cavendish has begun to tap the crystalline methane under the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.  Eco-terrorism kills his science team and releases gigatons of poisonous methane into the water and atmosphere, causing untold deaths.  If the release isn’t stopped, all life on Earth will soon disappear. 

Suspected of the sabotage and marooned far from home, Cavendish’s beautiful and brainy security chief, Victoria Clark, along with methane expert Dr. Sam Briscoe and the US government, must find a way to seal the break in the ocean floor and nullify the methane that is already poisoning the planet. 

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