Black London: Life Before Emancipation

Black London: Life Before Emancipation

ISBN: 0813522722

ISBN 13: 9780813522722

Publication Date: September 01, 1995

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

Pages: 256

Format: Paperback

Author: Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina

3.95 of 38

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Gerzina (Vassar Coll.) has written a fascinating account of London blacks, focusing on the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Because of a paucity of sources from blacks themselves, Gerzina had to rely primarily on glimpses through white eyes, especially those of antislavery advocate Granville Sharp. Gerzina is quite adept at culling evidence of a rich, complex black life, with significant interaction (and intermarriage) with the white community. Although subjected to much discrimination, London blacks never suffered as much as their American counterparts. The author rightly concludes that blacks have played an important role in the life of London for much of its history. A very valuable work; highly recommended for major libraries.

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